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Bloomers – A Fashion Statement

on March 12, 2010 – 1:02 am

bloomer outfitNo description of 19th century women’s fashions would be complete without some mention of the notorious lady, Amelia Bloomer, who had the courage to attempt to introduce reform in the conventional dress for women.

It is said that the first man who carried an umbrella was mobbed through the streets of London because of its oddity; therefore, it is not surprising that the first woman who took on “pantalettes” as part of her public dress became at once the object of vulgar curiosity and idle gossip.

Amelia Bloomer was an American women’s rights advocate who proclaimed her strong views regarding reform in feminine attire in her publication The Lily. In 1849 she took up the idea, previously originated by Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Miller, of wearing a short skirt and loose trousers gathered round the ankles. camilla costumeThis design was an attempt to preserve a Victorian woman’s modesty while providing freedom of movement in household activities. The name of “bloomers” gradually became popularly attached to any divided skirt or knickerbocker dress for women because of Amelia Bloomer’s strong advocacy.

The costume that Bloomer advocated was referred to as the Camilla, consisting of short skirts reaching just below the knees, and long pantalettes.