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Dresses – Dainty & Charming

on December 13, 2011 – 11:04 am

A medley of frocks for small girls from 1913 are highlighted, all are simple in design and charming in effect. The majority of the dresses show the long waist-line, and all have been designed with an eye to comfort as well as style.

Pique, Bedford cord and cotton corduroy are among the smartest materials for these little girls’ dresses. They are shown not only in white but in colors; some dresses feature a flowered border, and again fine stripes. Dainty materials, such as mull, voile and plain and flowered batistes are used for afternoon and party dresses.  A variety is seen in the treatment of sleeves for little girls’ dresses; some show the long shoulder, others the large armhole and the kimono effect.