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Victorian Craft: Lavender Basket

on June 2, 2010 – 3:03 am

The perfume of lavender is one of the most agreeable that can be introduced into the bedroom or sitting room of a home. To create this charming Victorian lavender basket from an 1860 ladies magazine you will need a small wicker basket, a few yards of narrow pink, blue, or violet ribbon and, of course, some lavender brought in from the garden.

Begin by forming the lavender into bunches, each containing six spikes, tied up with a thread round the middle. When this is complete, cut a suffi­cient number of lengths of ribbon then thread one of these into a bod­kin with a simple point. A bodkin resembles a large sewing needle with a blunt end and a large eye to pull ribbon or cording through a casing.  

Lay one of the bunches of lavender upon the basket, with its heads above the rim as seen in the illustration, and then pass the needle through the wickerwork a little below the rim. Return it from behind and then tie a bow with the ribbon exactly in front. Repeat this process in fastening down the other bunches of lavender near the inside bottom of the basket. Fasten each lavender bunch separately in exactly the same way, at regular distances.

When the whole basket is thus covered, cut off the ends of the stalk evenly round the inside bottom of the basket. Cut away the threads with which they were first tied. Next tie on the spikes which ornament the handle, twisting the ribbon round, and introducing bows at the top and at each side.

When completed, fill the basket with lavender, higher in the center, but graduating downward toward the spikes which border the rim of the basket.