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Victorian Craft: Peacock Fan

on July 27, 2010 – 9:16 am

With these simple directions, create an elegant Victorian fan featuring peacock feathers. The fan was originally featured in an 1883 women’s magazine.


  • Paper fan with long handle. Dark wood would work best.
  • Peacock-blue satin or green satin. Try to match color to feathers. Thread to match.
  • Assortment of peacock feathers.
  • Small bird breast or bird head — a blue color matching the feathers would be best.
  • Satin ribbon to match fabric or a bright cardinal color.
  • Glue or paste.



  • Take the paper fan and cut the fan as nearly the shape of the model shown as can be done. Cover this on both sides with some peacock-blue satin or green satin.
  • Next glue on the feathers on both sides, adding a few stitches to keep them more secure. It is important to arrange them with neatness and precision to create the appearance of a peacock tail.
  • Attach the breast or head of a small bird to the front.
  • Add a nice bow of satin ribbon to match, or a bright cardinal color for a pretty finish.