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Victorian Craft: Flower Slipper in Beads & Berlin

on February 28, 2011 – 9:14 am

We have provided an illustration showcasing a design for a Victorian slipper from 1859. The motif is composed of the wild rose, the heart’s-ease, the lily of the valley, and the forget-me-not. It is worked on rather fine canvas, with a mixture of beads and wool.

The outline of the roses is in chalk white beads while the centers are filled up with yellow floss silk. The upper petals are in a rather light shade of rose color, the under ones in a dark shade. The heart’s-ease have an outline of steel beads, the two upper petals are filled in with rich purple, the two next in a full tint of yellow floss silk, the lower one in pale yellow floss silk. The dark marks are put in with a few simple stitches in embroidered silk. The lilies of the valley are in beads, chalk white and crystal; their leaves are in two shades of green, alternated. The forget-me-nots have one yellow head in each of their centers, surrounded with blue beads, as nearly as possible to the natural color. The rose leaves are of two greens, with dark veins, but the light side of the leaf has an outline of the dark shade, and the dark side of the leaf an outline of the light.